Don’t worry I had shorts on underneath! 🙂
Sundress: Forever 21 // Crochet Shorts: Marshall’s // Cardigan: Target // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
This blogger has learned how to embrace and welcome a little bit of wind.  I went to the beach to watch the sunset with my best friend and our moms a few nights ago, and not only was it ridiculously windy but we also couldn’t see the sunset lol.  It was still gorgeous though and we had a great time!  There’s just something about the beach, being in the sand and by the water.  It’s so refreshing!
It was such a nice warm day earlier so I was wearing this cute sundress/shirt I got from Forever 21 (way too short to just be dress!) with these cream crochet shorts underneath from Marshall’s.  Thank God I brought this knit cardigan with me because there was definitely a little nip in the air!
I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and enjoy the rest of the week!


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