Tank top: H&M // Jeans: The Gap // Sandals: Similar // Bag: Coach // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Rings: H&M and Forever 21 // Lokai Bracelet

This look is my go-to summer outfit.  It’s simple, comfy, and a little bohemian with a loose white tank and, of course, my boyfriend jeans lol.  But today it’s all about the details and accessories.  I accessorized with lots of rings and this fun ring/bracelet thing (not sure what it’s called, but if you do let me know in the comments below!) that I found in Forever 21 a few months ago.  Forever has really stepped up their game recently.  It’s awesome for finding these new fads and styles and not spending a fortune.  I also have on my Lokai bracelet and if you haven’t heard of Lokai you should definitely check them out! They make these awesome bracelets that you can read all about on their website  They just have a great message behind them and 10 percent of their profits go to a variety of different charities!
For my belt, bag, and shoes, I did a little shopping in my closet and stuck with the same brown leather theme.  This belt is super vintage, probably my moms from the 80’s (Regina George anyone?). These gladiator sandles I got in Greece about 8 years ago! I totally forgot about them and I found them sitting in the back of my closet.  I’ve fallen in love ALL over again.  

I hope you enjoyed reading and have an awesome day!

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