So. Much. Bread. 
Curia Palace
Anadia is a city that’s located about two hours north of Lisbon.  It’s so charming.  If you’re looking for a truly authentic Portuguese experience, visit Anadia! There were barely any tourists (except for half the guests attending my brothers wedding that week lol.)  The center of the city itself was beautiful, well kept with flowers and greenery everywhere.  We of course stopped to get coffee and pastries in a bakery, and I just had to get a picture of all the bread on display.  Before we even walked in I could smell the freshly baked bread, it was amazing.  
After we took a short ride to Curia, a town right next to Anadia.  Located at the center of the town is the Curia Palace and Hotel.  It’s a very old, beautiful palace that has now been restored and made into a hotel.  We took a walk through the grounds there, got some crepes at a little cafe in town, and then went for a stroll through the grounds of another hotel and resort, Mata E Termas Da Curia.  The forest and grounds of this resort amazing! So beautiful and calm. Everything was breathtaking!  Especially this one palm tree that was somehow growing into and then up and out of the water!  It was so cool. Definitely one of my favorite things that we saw the whole trip 🙂
More to come on our Portugal trip!  Thanks for reading!


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