LOOK CLOSE.  Kids were jumping off the ledge of this restaurant on the river and next to the bridge! It was so nuts!

The day after the wedding a few of us took a ride to Porto, a large city about three hours north of Lisbon, one hour north of Anadia, where we we were staying.  Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon.  It is the biggest producer of Port wine and gave both Port wine and Portugal their names! 
It was so picturesque and the weather was gorgeous! (Although I don’t know why I wore jeans, I was dying!) We walked around a little and then sat down and had lunch on the river.  Then we walked across the bridge (SO SCARY lol I’m afraid of heights) where we saw a bunch of kids just jumping off the bridge and the side of a restaurant into the river for fun, it was CRAZY! We were so high up!  On the other side of the bridge we took a wine tour through Porto Cálem, a winery founded in 1859.  Cálem is one of the biggest producers of Port wine in Porto and it was absolutely amazing to see the giant the wine barrels! (I just couldn’t get a good picture of them, it was way too dark and the flash on my camera just wasn’t working with me :/ )
I hope you enjoyed this look at Porto! There’s still a few more Portugal posts to come 🙂


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