For the past few month’s I’ve been really loving PopSugar’s Fitness page on YouTube.  The videos are upbeat and fun, the instructors are clear, and the workout’s are challenging.  They have videos that are all different lengths so depending on how much time I have that day I can do a 10 minute workout or a 40 minute workout.  Sometimes I’ll switch it up and do like 3-4 10 minute cardio videos or 4 different 10 minute video’s for arms, legs, and core.  It’s great because I don’t need to leave my house and it’s like I have my own personal trainer that’s switching it up for me everyday.

I had some time so I did four 10 minute video and it was a nice combo of cardio, arms, core, and lower body.  If you want to switch the lineup around you can do that.  You can also just do 1 or 2 video’s or repeat just one a few times.  It’s totally up to you!  That’s why I’m obsessed with this channel!  I can fit my workout into my schedule and base it off what I’m feeling that day, and I always work up a good sweat doing them 🙂

Here are all the links for the workout’s I did, in the order I did them:–C_OUGB8&list=PLI37FJmOtrj3gKwbXWfjou1Vx46U4jr1R&index=42

Let me know what you think and if you do any of the videos!

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