Happy December!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  The day after I spent home with my family decorating and then we went and got our Christmas tree and had Thanksgiving leftovers and hot cocoa and watched Home Alone and it was great.  I spent the rest of the week decorating the tree and admiring it every time I pass it.  Like I s2g every time I walk by I just stare at it and the first few times my mom made so much fun of me, telling me I looked at it like it was my new born baby, but now she’s genuinely concerned.  But I can’t help it, she’s just a beaut (the tree) and I love Christmas!  I’m sure there are plenty of other Christmas nuts like me out there lol 😜🎄


So about this outfit – when it doubt, keep it simple.  When I found this moto jacket I knew right away it would be a go-to for me.  So whenever I’m just struggling figuring out what to wear lately, I just throw on some black jeans, a plain tee, and this comfy moto jacket.  I love clothes that can do that – like just make an outfit go from nothing to something.  It’s 40% right now and it’s a total deal for something that can be used over and over and in a thousand different ways.

There’s of a lot holiday festive-ness coming to the blog this month so prepare yourselves and stay tuned!

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