Today I am a whole year older.  Being 23 was full of ups and downs but they were all experiences and I think I earned something valuable from each of them.  So for that I am grateful.
Dress | Heels | Bag (Similar here) | Watch | Earrings | Rings
My hope for my 24th year of life is to have many more ups.  More growing, more exploring, and more learning.
One of the little things I learned this past year was about my style.  I realized that my style is my own and never to compare myself to others, what they have, how they dress, or how they look.  I’ve learned that if I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing I can be more myself.
I found this dress a little bit before Christmas and it was just so comfortable and simple I knew I had to get it.  I love how it’s just a cute little black dress that can be a staple but has a little something different going on in the arm detail. And I know that wherever I wear it I’ll be comfortable and confident.
(plus it’s on sale for only $60 😯)
So, here’s to 24! I have a really good feeling about this year…😌

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