Recently I went to a bridal shower (my best friend’s sister is getting married in less than a month!) and I wore this adorable little floral dress.  It was so comfy and I knew it was the dress to wear the second I put it on!  It just fell right and looked perfect on.
With the bride-to-be! Second from the left 😉

I think this a-line, fit and flare cut of dress is my favorite cut because it’s always so flattering on almost every body type. This dress is a great affordable summer dress that can be dressed up or down for any summer occasion.  Made my dress decision making that much easier!

I also apologize for how PALE my legs are but ya know, workin on it.  Thank God I’m wearing a long gown to the wedding lol.  (Should I just try a self tanner? Should I just hop on that bandwagon already? Does anyone know of any good ones that don’t make you orange? Comment down below!!!!)

3 thoughts on “SHOWERS OF FLOWERS

  1. You look so gorgeous in this floral dress, Athena! Your legs look fabulous too! If anyone has Casper legs, it's me! 😉 I actually use a spray that goes on for the day and then wash it off in the shower at night. It's called TANtalizer Body Bronzing Spray by Lorac. 🙂


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