Lately I’ve been taking my time with blog posts and social media but I just had to post these pics with this perfect JORD watch.
Last year I worked with JORD on a collab and ever since I’ve been obsessed with their unique and sleek designs.  I mean, these watches are literally made out of wood! It doesn’t get cooler than that in terms of time-telling 😉 The one I already have that I’ve worn in a bunch of posts is very woodsy looking (this one) so this time I got one that’s a little more subtle and versatile.  The band is a dark sandlewood and the face is dark grey with gold details.  Definitely better for any business or dressier outfits.
Anyway, coming up this week is going to be a post all about my experience with eyelash extensions so be sure to check back soon or look out for a post on Insta about it!  And let me know in the comments below if there’s any questions you have about lash extensions and maybe I can answer them!

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