Transitioning into fall is always a little rough for me (well transitioning in general is pretty rough, am I right?).  I hate to let go of summer and the weather and the clothes.  But transitioning doesn’t have to be super drastic and I like to do it slowly.
In this post I’m going to be showing you 3 dresses that I wore SO much this summer and dressed up and down in so many ways.  I’m also going to be telling you just how easy it is to transition them into fall, which is something you can do with your own summer dresses, so that you don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved summer wardrobe juuust yet.  (because God knows I don’t want to ;'(

Dresses are something I love to wear year round (maybe not so much in the winter) because they’re convenient and easy to dress up or down from occasion to occasion, from season to season.

All these dresses were staples in my wardrobe this summer.  I wore them SO much and I love having dresses like this for summer.  Whether it was to the beach or out to dinner, they were easy to just throw on and dress up or down.

1. This first dress from Gap Factory is plain, comfy, and just like a long tank top.   It’s also totally working for me now that the weather is getting a little cooler, because I can just throw it on with some slip on sneakers and maybe grab a denim jacket, and I can still hold onto the summer a bit.

Dress (Similar) | Shoes (Similar) | Sunglasses | Bag (Similar)

2.  This dress is the epitome of the perfect little sun dress for summer.  I loved the fit so much I bought it in 3 different patterns (which you can see in the pics from this summer that I added below) and I wore the crap out of them all summer! To the beach, to dinner, out and about shopping.  So easy, so cute, and so flattering.  I even wore the pink floral one with an olive button down shirt for a “Welcome Back” night at my job! I just tied the the button down shirt at the bottom and it was a whole new look! (Let me know if you guys want to see a pic!)  Sweaters are also a great thing to throw on over a sundress, because it now turns the dress into a two piece outfit, with a skirt and a top! I am definitely going to be wearing these dresses with long, chunky cardigans and booties when the weather gets a little cooler.

Dress | Shoes (Similar) | Sunglasses | Bag (Similar)


Above and below are the two other patterns that I have the dress in!

3.  This 3rd dress is a flowy, baby-doll style dress from Target!  It was loose and flowy so it was the perfect beach cover up.  Plus, it doesn’t matter too much if it wrinkles because there’s so much pattern, so I was throwing it around and stuffing it in my bag at the beach without a care.  The colors also give me a little bit of a fall vibe so I can totally see myself pairing it with black tights, booties, and maybe a denim jacket for autumn!

Dress (Similar) | Shoes (Similar) | Sunglasses | Bag (Similar) | Watch 


Any summer dress can be transitioned into fall with a jacket, booties, and maybe even a scarf.   It’s that easy!  No need to leave summer in the dust and go crazy looking for new clothes this fall.  Take your time and incorporate your summer wardrobe into the cooler months with the help of accessories and layers!
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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