Talking Organic Feminine Care with Seventh Generation

Today on the blog I am going to be talking all about organic feminine care and how IMPORTANT it is! I’m a firm believer in eating as organic and natural as possible and I feel like more and more people are becoming aware of what can be in our food and how it is directly correlated to our health.  Which is great! But not only should we be concerned about our food being organic, we should also care about the products we use in our everyday lives.  Feminine care products are something that have a LOT of contact with our bodies (I’m gonna get real detailed later on in the post so prepare yourself) and often times these products are filled with dangerous chemicals (i.e. chlorine), fragrances, and fillers that are so bad for us!  That’s why I think we need to be more conscious and aware about what is in these products and how they’re made.  Seventh Generation is a company that I am SO passionate about because it’s making sure to keep us in the loop about what is in their products and that these products are safe for us to use in the long run.

I’ve been really passionate about healthy eating and organic food for the past few years.  But not only are there tons of bad things in our food that are doing harm to our body, there are tons more in the products we use around, on, and IN our bodies.  Tampons are one of the worst by far!  Just think…a tampon is going INTO your body.  Your inserting it inside of you, into one of the most absorbent parts of your body, and leaving it there for hours at a time.  Your body is absorbing all the chemicals that make up that tampon (chlorine, artificial colors, adhesives, fragrances, polyethelene, polypropylene, propylene glycol…GREAT.)  And it’s probably more directly affecting the parts that are closest to where it is, like our reproductive system.  LIKE.  NOT OKAY.  When I realized this about 2 years ago, I went nuts.  How had I not realized this sooner?  These chemicals are known endocrine disruptors (EDCs), carcinogens, and allergens.  Feel free to research what is in your ordinary non-organic tampons and how bad it is for our bodies.

As soon as I realized the damage I’d been doing to my body by using regular tampons, I started googling organic tampons.  I tried several brands but they were never quite right.  Not absorbent enough, not comfortable, difficult applicators, etc.  Until I finally found that Seventh Generation made organic feminine care products!  Their hypoallergenic tampons, pads, and liners all use free and clear, certified organic cotton and other organic materials, which means they’re safe to use even for super sensitive skin.  (I’ll talk more about the tampons themselves and my experience with them later on in this post!)

Knowing that the cotton Seventh Generation is using in their tampons is certified organic means that it’s non-GMO and it hasn’t been grown using tons of dangerous pesticides.  It really puts your mind at ease knowing that you’re using something safe on and in your body.

For over ten years, Seventh Generation has been making organic feminine care products, free of chlorine processing, fragrances, and deodorants.  They also voluntarily disclose ALL the ingredients used on ALL their product labels, including their feminine care items.  Which means you can clearly see that there are 4 ingredients in them.  Which is AWESOME.

Now lets talk tampon details.  When you think natural or organic tampons, maybe you’re thinking like a cardboard applicator or no applicator at all.  But have no fear! (I know, cardboard applicators literally give me nightmares.)  Seventh Generation tampon applicators are smooth, comfortable to insert, BPA-free plastic made out of 95% plant-based materials, rather than petroleum-based sources.

I really only wear tampons (except to bed) and I must say, these are the best organic ones I’ve used by far.  They work just like non-organic tampons (which I’ve never really had a problem with absorbance wise.) So they’re super absorbent, which means that I haven’t had many issues with leaking (unless I leave it in too long.  Hey, we all make mistakes.)

Being able to pick up a box at Target or order them in bulk online is such a lifesaver and makes caring about what products I’m using that much less stressful.  I always make sure to have a ton stashed in all my bags so that I’m never without an organic tampon.

All in all, I think Seventh Generation tampons on really great and reliable, but the best part is knowing that they are safe, natural, and I’m not putting dangerous chemicals into my body! 🙂



*Thank you to Seventh Generation and HerCampus for sponsoring this post.  ALL opinions are my own.

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