Some Time In Between

HELLO!! I’m back!  Happy 2018!

I took a little break from blogging between Christmas and the beginning of the year to just to enjoy the end of December, relax, and go into the new year refreshed.  It was nice to have some time to relax, sort myself out, and kind of press the reset button on my creativity.

I took these pictures in Brooklyn a few days before New Year’s Eve.  I was seriously considering just not even bothering because it was SO COLD I couldn’t even bare to stand still outside for more than like, 2 seconds, let ALONE take my jacket off.  But I did it!  Because I just had to put this sweater on my blog.  I have been obsessed with it lately.  With this crazy cold weather in NY, it’s almost impossible to not wear a sweater everyday, for everything, to every place you go.

This sweater seems super simple upon first glance, and simple is my middle name when it comes to clothes, but you turn to the side and there’s the sweetest lace-up detail! It’s so subtle and that’s what I love about it.

It’s a pretty casual sweater but I’ve been loving dressing it up with leggings and heels and gold jewelry.

The best part was that I found it at Target for $19.  Nine.  Teen.  I still can’t believe it because it’s such a thick, warm, and great quality sweater!

It seems to be sold out on Target’s site but I found a few similar versions of it below!


I hope your 2018 has gotten off to great start!  I know there’s a lot of pressure to start it on the right foot and have a bunch of resolutions and goals for the year.  And I am all for writing those things down, goals, dreams, etc. I think that has a lot to do with actually achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality.  But also remember to just relax! The beginning of the year and everything you have ahead of you can be pretty stressful.  So just remember take everything one step at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself!   Here’s to an awesome 2018 and our best year yet! 😀


Love @ First Sight Women’s Cowl Neck Lace Up Side Sweater – Love @ First Sight (Juniors’) Gray
nitrogen Women’s Side Lace-Up Pullover Sweater
nitrogen Women’s Destructed Turtleneck Pullover Sweater – nitrogen Gray
Cliche Women’s Lace-up Pullover Sweater – Cliché Gray • Cliche 
Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s Pullover Sweater – Mossimo Supply Co • Mossimo 
Alley & Gabby Women’s Mock Neck Tie Bell Sleeve Side Slit Sweater – Alley & Gabby (Juniors’)
Alison Andrews Women’s Cowl Neck Pullover Sweater – Alison Andrews Light Gray
A New Day Women’s Chunky Cable Pullover

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