New Specs

Recently I got new glasses from Warby Parker and I love them and I want to tell the world about them.

I’ve had glasses since I was in the third grade.  I remember going to the nurse for a mini checkup and she sent me and one other girl home with a note saying we needed to get checked out for eyeglasses.  And I remember thinking it was the end of the WORLD.  Looking back, I could not have picked uglier glasses lol.  I wish there were companies around back then with stylish and affordable glasses for kids so that I wouldn’t have to look back at pictures and literally cringe, but whatya gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Over the years I never really cared about my glasses because by the 6th grade I was wearing contacts almost every day and the only time I wore my glasses was at home.  I did have a few run-ins with eye infections and stuff from being plain ole’ dumb and sleeping with contacts on (don’t yell at me, yell at 17 year old me.  And don’t ever sleep with your contacts in.)  When that happened I would revert back to my glasses for a bit and then soon after switch back to contacts.  I had new glasses but I just didn’t like them enough to wear them everyday.  I just preferred the way I looked with no glasses.  I think I got my last pair of new glasses when I was about 15 or 16.  As the years went on I grew tired of them, but I also couldn’t bare the thought of spending $400+ on glasses when my prescription was pretty much the same and I liked wearing contacts better anyway.

That was until about 2 years ago when my brother said to me one day, “Have you heard about Warby Parker?  Their glasses are only $95 and you don’t even have to go to the store to try them on.  You can literally order 5 for free and have them shipped to your house to try on.  And their glasses are SO cool.  It’s awesome!”  Well, I was on their website within minutes scrolling through their modern, trendy, stylish, yet super classy frames and ordering my first try-on box.  I am like the most indecisive person ever so it took me like 10 try-on boxes before I finally decided on a pair and I loved them! I wanted big frames that were a bit round and a little different, so I got the Laurel frames in Tea Rose Fade!   After that I practically turned into a walking talking billboard for Warby Parker because their concept of buying new glasses is just so cool!  But I promise, I am not being paid or sponsored by Warby Parker in anyway, I just love them haha.

But the thing with Warby Parker is that they come out with a few new frames every season and when they do I am still CONSTANTLY ordering try-on boxes because all their frames are so cute and I need to try them on!  The GOOD thing about that is that their frames are really affordable, so if you do find another pair that you love, it’s not too hard on your wallet.

So finally a few weeks ago I tried on a pair I loved too much to pass up and I let myself order them.   (2 years is a reasonable amount of time for new glasses, right?  Yes.  Especially when they’re only like 100 bucks.)   I would have ordered them online but I have a really strong prescription and had some questions about the particular pair I wanted, so I called up Warby Parker and ma girl, Rivka, helped me out and made sure my new frames would look and fit perfect (Rivka is AMAZING! Seriously the best.  Idk what the people at Warby Parker are drinkin but everyone that works there is SO nice.)

In this post I am wearing my new Blair frames in Rose Gold and I am OBSESSED! We’re literally in love (by “we” I mean me and my new glasses. We are in love with each other.)  They have a vintage shape to them but their rose gold color and thick shiny upper frame give them a modern and trendy twist.  They’re classy enough to wear everyday but shiny enough to add just a little bit of glam to any outfit.  I love wearing a lot of gold jewelry and I always found that my Laurel frames didn’t really look great on me wearing gold hoops and layered necklaces.  My Blair frames look great with gold jewelry and are even great for a night out or a more dressy occasion.  They almost blend into my face because even though their shiny, their a warmer gold tone and aren’t too harsh or dramatic.  So they go with EVERYTHING and I have not taken them off since I’ve gotten them.  I wonder if my Laurel frames miss me?

In case you’re wondering how exactly Warby Parker works and how it’s possible to order a new pair of glasses online without ever stepping foot in a store, I gotchu:

  1. Go to Warby Parker’s website. Make an account. Check out all their glasses.  Choose the Try-On option on the frames that you like and want to try on. You can only choose 5 at a time.  They’ll need your address of course and they will ask you for a credit card number, but don’t worry.  That’s just a security measure in case you don’t send back the trial frames.  And shipping is totally free! They pay for everything. So after you place the order, they’ll ship you the box with the 5 pairs you chose and you get to tryin’! They come super fast and when you’re all done trying them on, just put ’em back in the box and ship them back! They even give you a return shipping label in the trial box. If you lose the shipping label, just call or email them and they’ll send you a new one.  You literally pay nothing.  And there’s no commitment AT ALL.  You don’t have to buy a thing! You can just keep trying and trying and trying glasses forever and never buy a pair lol.
  2. Anyway, if you didn’t find a pair you liked, as soon as you ship back your try- on box, WP will email you and you can order another try-on box, and so on.
  3. If you did find frames that you loved, you just go online, select the frames, and you can either take a picture of your current prescription or have Warby Parker call your eye doctor to get your prescription,.  They’ll take care of everything from there and ship your new glasses to you as soon as they’re ready!  You literally don’t even have to bother to call your eye doctor, Warby Parker will do it FOR YOU.  How awesome is that?!
  4. You also have the option to call WP and order your glasses over the phone.  That’s what I did with this pair because I have a really strong prescription and I had a few questions about the lenses.  I spoke to Rivka and she was just so helpful and patient.  She’s awesome! (You can even instant chat with them or text them!)
  5. If you do need a new prescription, just go to your eye doctor, get a check up, and order your new frames after (and if you download the Warby Parker app, you can literally upload a pic of your prescription and order them the second you get your eye checkup!)  If you are lucky enough to live close to a Warby Parker store, you can get an eye checkup there! And try on every pair in the store while you’re at it.
  6. Anyway, after you order them, WP emails you a receipt and keeps you up to date on every step in the process of making your glasses (i.e. order confirmed, glasses are being made, your glasses are ready, they’ve been shipped, etc.)  I got mine in less than a week!  I ordered them on a Wednesday and I received them that Monday.  So just 5 days!
  7. If you get your frames and after a few days realize you don’t like them anymore, no worries.  WP lets you return your frames for a full refund within 30 days.  Or you can exchange them for another pair.  Amazing.

When you get them, if they’re not fitting right, you can bring them to a local eyeglass store to have them adjusted.  However, just be sure that whoever is adjusting them isn’t changing the look or shape of the glasses. I took my first pair (the Laurels) to a local eyeglass store when I got them because they were a little wide.  Each time this other store adjusted them, they just didn’t do it right and after the 3rd time,they were beyond adjustment.  The other store just ruined them and they didn’t look the same anymore (don’t ask me why I kept bringing them back.)   The last person that adjusted mine did it in a way called face-form (I think?) and I hated the way they looked after. But anyway, I called WP and their customer service was so amazing and shipped me a brand new pair of Laurel frames free of charge and they fit perfect.  Seriously, their customer service is the NICEST.

Everything about Warby Parker is awesome and I just love them and had to share!  Hope you try them out if you haven’t yet!  If you do or already have, let me know what you think in the comments down below or on Instagram! 😀












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