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I’m Athena

I’m a social media marketing consultant, brand photographer, & content creator based on Long Island, NY!

I help brands and small business achieve success on social media by implementing effective strategies and bringing forth engaging content. I’ve come to find that many businesses struggle with managing their presence on social media (specifically on Instagram,) so that’s where I come in!

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My Story…

I’ve always had a creative eye, from the time I was a child. As a little girl, I remember sitting at my parent’s office, being bored out of my mind, and using anything I could find from office supplies to used cardboard boxes, to create my own little works of art.

As the years went by I took up painting, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and pottery, until finally, I found a true passion of mine. Creating jewelry. I became so in love with the craft that I would make jewelry in all my free time. It got to the point where I was creating so much that my family encouraged me to start selling it! So at age 11, I was my own entrepreneur, telling anyone and everyone I knew about the jewelry I was creating, selling necklaces and earrings just by wearing them out, handing out business cards, and setting up tables at craft shows. As the years went on and I had less time, my passion for jewelry-making died out. But I’ll always have the lessons I learned, the descipline I developed to persevere at a young age, and some of my favorite pieces I created to show for it.

When it came time for college, I knew I wanted to major in something that would allow me to channel my creativity, and although I loved clothing and style, I knew the fashion industry wasn’t for me. So I entered from a business perspective and decided to major in marketing. Fast forward 4 years, through college and a few internships, I ended up with a BA in Art History and no idea what I was going to do with it.

Around my 3rd year of college, I started my blog. On a very cold winter day in February, I put an outfit on, got my digital camera out, and my mom and I went to a park nearby to freeze our butts off for 10 minutes taking pics. I was so afraid to post them to my blog and social media, but a close friend of mine encouraged me to and I have never looked back. My blog was a way for me to channel some creativity and feel productive in my own way at the time. When people would ask me what I wanted to do after college, or where I wanted to work, I remember not being sure, but having a gut feeling that this blog was going to lead me to exactly where I wanted to be.

Sure enough, it was teaching me lessons and skills I didn’t even know I would need, in order to guide me to my dream job and become an entrepreneur. Through my blog, I learned about photography, social media, marketing, writing, styling, client relationships, and website design.

Being active on Instagram, I began to see a gap in the market for small businesses in need of help in handling their social presence. With the experience and knowledge, I gathered through my blog, along with my various jobs and internships throughout college, I took the leap of faith to begin serving and helping other businesses.

And even though my path was never as straightforward as I would have thought it would be, I’m so grateful for where it has led me.

Thanks for coming by! 

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