Mosteiro De Santa ClaraStudents at the University of Coimbra have to wear this for special school occasions."Nata" is the AMAZING cream that is in a lot of Portuguese pastries. So yes. The world does need nata. The main square of the University of CoimbraThe University of Coimbra Library Another statue of Athena! ;)Top: Forever 21 (Similar) // [...]


So. Much. Bread. Curia PalaceAnadia is a city that's located about two hours north of Lisbon.  It's so charming.  If you're looking for a truly authentic Portuguese experience, visit Anadia! There were barely any tourists (except for half the guests attending my brothers wedding that week lol.)  The center of the city itself was beautiful, well [...]


A view from our room :)Breakfast!The COOLEST flowers I've EVER SEEN!!!!Eucalyptus :)My brother picking oranges!Fresh from the tree :)This was a little fountain in the center of the village to wash clothes in!These are the steps leading up to Andrea's family home!A view of MoitaLemons on the lemon tree outside the house :)Now that I'm [...]