A statue of Athena 😉
The enchanted forest surrounding Bussaco
A little chapel at Luso

A few days before my brother’s wedding, we took a ride up to Bussaco Palace, where the wedding reception would be held.  My brother and sister-in-law had to make some final arrangements so my mom and I explored the grounds a little.  As you can probably tell yourself, Bussaco Palace is absolutely breathtaking.  The pictures do not do it justice.  Everything is so grand, ornate, and detailed.  It really is stunning.  The palace is now a hotel and we, along with more family, were able to stay there the night of the wedding.  
After coffee and pastries at the palace (of course,) we passed through the town of Luso on the way back.  Luso is known for it’s natural spring water that is thought to have medicinal powers.  You could see the crystal clear water coming down to the fountains and then you could take a drink or fill up water bottles right there! It was amazing!

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