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I don’t know about you but this weekend had me feeling SO festive! I am so ready for this holiday season.  I’m usually listening to Christmas music by like, the end of September but eh, this year I just wasn’t that excited until a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe because it hasn’t really been that cold out? Or maybe because this is the first time ever I’m not in school so it just kind of felt like the summer never ended.  But now it’s cold out and I’m TOTALLY feeling it.  Christmas music all day long, hot chocolate at Starbucks, Christmasy candles, THE. WORKS.  And I can’t wait until next Friday when my family actually starts letting me decorate for Christmas! If it were up to me, my house would have been decorated two weeks ago.
Anyway, it’s story time.  So every year my local radio station starts playing Christmas music around the middle of November. Now it’s Friday night and, at this point, I’ve already scoured the internet to see if I could find an exact date of just when the Christmas music starts (and of course I never do), so all November long I’ve been tuning in quick just to see if they’re playing it and then I tune back out once I hear that no, they are not, and put back on my own music.  And I know, I could just stream Christmas music to my car on my own, but there’s just something about it playing on the radio, ya know? Like THAT’S IT, it’s now totally acceptable by society’s standards to be totally, over the top in the Christmas spirit because the radio said so!!!!  So anyway, Friday evening I’m driving home with my mom and we stop at a light and I just think, hey let me turn on the radio and see, even though I had already checked earlier that day and nothing.  What made me tune in again to check? Well, I’m just about to change it and right at that exact moment the radio guy goes, “Aaanddd we’ll be kicking off the holiday season with NON-STOP CHRISTMAS MUSIC at 5 o’clock, in just 17 minutes!!!” My mom thought I was having some weird sort of fit, I was SERIOUSLY?!?! I mean like, what are the odds?! That I tuned in at that exact moment?! I mean hey, I probably would have just checked the next day and figured it out then but it was just special.  A lil itty bitty Christmas miracle of sorts 🙂
Okay, I’m done being 5 now.  Onto my outfit.
When I think of Thanksgiving, I picture hanging out at home in a sweater, jeans, and socks, helping out in the kitchen or running out to the supermarket to pick up something last minute or hanging around the dining room table after dinner playing an intense game of monopoly with the family.  So Thanksgiving is just one of those holidays that has a cozy feel to me and I think jeans and a sweater say that perfectly.
Olive is just about my favorite color to wear and this sweater is so cozy and slouchy, it’s perfect for Thanksgiving.  Throw a scarf on and some saddle boots if you’re headed to someone else’s house, and you have the perfect festive look for the day!  This sweater is so cozy and I’m wearing a medium but I could have sized up to a size large so that it could be a little slouchy.

Are you guys in the holiday mood yet?  Has your family let you decorate for Christmas?  Let me know in the comments below!  And don’t forget to check back right before Thanksgiving this week, I’ll be posting one more blog post with last minute ideas for Thanksgiving outfits!

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