A Comfy Thanksgiving Outfit Idea


It’s one of my favorite holidays! (Christmas is always my #1)  It’s a day where you just get together with family, in the comfort of a home, whether it’s your own or someone else’s to kick off the holiday season.  The house smells like delicious seasoned turkey and cinnamon and baked goods.   In the morning the parade is playing on the TV while the food cooks.  Then by 1pm the family has all arrived and it’s madness, but the very best kind.  The house is warm and cozy (sometimes a little too warm lol).  You have Christmas music playing in the background.  Everyone is dressed super comfy in big sweaters and jeans and flannels.  The kids are running around playing, the adults are sitting around eating cheese and drinking wine and chit chatting, waiting for that turkey to be ready.  It’s just the best kind of day.

This year my family is having multiple Thanksgivings so by Sunday we will be holiday-ed out.  On Friday we’ll be at my brother’s house where he’ll be smoking one turkey AND frying another  (he is so excited lol.) Everyone’s going to be running in and out all day so I want to make sure I’m nice and warm but also super comfy and chic.

I’ve really been putting off wearing coats because sometimes they can be so clumsy and annoying, so when I saw this vest in Gap Factory for only $15 I snagged it in 3 different colors! Hahaha and let me tell you, these vests are the best thing I’ve bought in a while.  They are so warm and I love having my arms free!  Vests are SO underrated lol.   I’ll be wearing my cream colored vest over this light knit long sleeve top I also just got.  I love the frilly detail on the bottom!  It’s warm, but still light and chic, yet casual enough for dinner with the fam.

My watch is Daniel Wellington and I got my crossbody bag in Greece this past summer 🙂

And comfy jeans are a must with these chunky Boohoo booties (dont these booties just give you like, THE best 90’s vibes?! I’m obsessed with them!)  Just make sure if you decide to wear jeans they have a stretch to them, but don’t worry no one is judging you if you have to pop open the button on top.  We’ll all get there at some point on Thursday.  (Maybe leggings are a better idea?)

Let me know in the comments down below what you’re wearing for Thanksgiving and what your plans are for the day! 🙂

I hope you all have an amazing, joyous, fun, and blessed Thanksgiving with all your loved ones!


Athena ❤

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